Disclaimer: Opinions of The Last Jewish Waiter are not necessarily those of Katz’s Deli.

Hello. My name is David Manheim, and I am the Last Jewish Waiter. Technically, of course I’m not the last Jewish Waiter. There’s a ton of poor fucks out there waiting tables. Really, there is nothing wrong with waiting tables. It is an honorable profession. In theory it is at least.  I mean, we provide a service, and expect to be compensated for said service. We waiters rely heavily on the tradition of gratuity and count on it’s 15-20%.

I don’t want to talk economics though.

I want to express my disdain for the job.

I hate the job! I hate serving food. I hate idiot customers ordering the wrong thing.  I hate getting water!!!!!

I hate smelling the customer and judging the smell. I hate every kind of customer! Be it Black, White, Jew or Gentile. Then there are the Asians. They are actually less annoying than the others, but they rarely tip well. They probably just know better.

So why do i do it?

I think it’s really funny. I think the job is hysterical, I think hating the job is hysterical, I think these guys I work with are pretty funny too.  They are brutal with me, and I am brutal with them, but it is one demented mostly happy family.

I also like the action. However I am tired of the work. Hours of my life and countless weirdos, in and out of my day eating what i bring them. I realized that I wouldn’t be happy doing this job forever.

So Instead I decided to make a talk show,. because I cannot stomach the idea of waiting tables much longer.

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