Easy Going Jews

Disclaimer: Opinions of The Last Jewish Waiter are not necessarily those of Katz’s Deli.

I think my favorites are the rich, easy going Jews from the south making their pilgrimage to the birthplace of modern deli. They are so delighted with everything, especially me, they are totally grateful for the treatment. They will order anything I tell them to get.

A very common type of customer are they strangely protected visitors from Southern California. They were told to come, but are still trying to figure out where the grilled chicken is, and why is this asshole waiter still talking to me? I hate these guys. Super passive aggressive, unwavering from their comfort zone. They will order what they want, but my defense improves, and eventually they will acquiesce.

Relocated New Yorkers to anywhere, ready to impress their families from Colorado that they know how this place works. They don’t have time for my bullshit. Or even worse, they are dying to one up me in front of their families. But it’s not going to happen. I have been doing this for too long and I have developed vast systems of countermeasures. These people know exactly what they want. I have to say, these guys crack me up, they have determined that a square knish from Katz’s will finally open the dormant Jewish gene in their half-Jew daughter. I feel like they think one bite and the girl will be reciting a Haftarah portion.

They also want what they want, and more power to them, they are spending their hard earned money. Who knows why it’s so important for them to eat what I want them to.

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