Is It Too Early To Start Hating Boston Again?

I went in early to work with Marty who I affectionately call ‘The first Jewish Waiter’.

Typical breakfast bullshit, I order two blintzes for one table, and they were made 20 minutes apart. That is always bad. Luckily nobody got hurt.

Today was special because it is game one of the Knicks playoffs, and I was excited and anxious to leave work. Which I usually am, but i love the Knicks deeply, which made my urgency only more intense.

We were playing the Boston Celtics, and I hate those fucking guys. For the first time in years I felt relatively confident in our victory.

Confidence is a strange feeling for a Knick fan.

So as luck would have it, one of my first customers of the day were from Boston.


‘If you think last week was bad, just wait til later today. Because we are gonna crush you guys’
They were Asian, and smiled sheepishly.

Then I stopped.

Did I go to far?

I began to panic. I ran back.

I’m sorry, I should never had said that, that was in bad taste, I don’t know that you guys weren’t affected by the bombing.’

They laughed.

‘But we are gonna crush you today.’

And we did.

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