Gimme a side of French or Some Things that I hate about waiting tables at Katz’s.

When customers want more pickles, and they still have some on their plate. When they sit down, they look up and tell me that they’re ready to order. When an old new york guy say’s ‘give me a side of french’. Instead of saying ‘french fries’ or even just fries. Who says French? And they […]

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Zen Waitering or I have to try and curse at the customers less

I’m Going to Try to Curse at Customers Less   Ok. It’s Sunday morning at Katz’s. The store is empty. It is bright, and there is air to breathe, but few customers to serve. Our early breakfast is all tourists, mostly Europeans, usually a dry bunch in general, with some exceptions.   They all get […]

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“He’s doing better than us”

(That’s Toast) He’s Doing Better Than Us   So it’s Sunday at Katz’s and I’m working the crazy triple! Nine AM to Nine PM, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s ridiculous. At Katz’s twelve hours can feel like a lifetime and I’m just starting to get sick. My chest is congested, and my head is shrinking […]

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My First Interview (As A Subject)

  Earlier this week, a Katz’s Deli waiter name David Manheim made a splash on the local scene with a web series about his day-to-day called The Last Jewish Waiter. Response varied from hilarity to “oh, how sad.” We caught up with Manheim to ask a few questions about working at the classic eatery, and […]

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The Slow Canadian

It’s a pretty busy Thursday afternoon, when the mild mannered man in a checkered, short sleeve button down shirt sits down. He is a bit heavy and has a thick greying mustache with head hair to match. He wore square glasses, and looked like a math teacher, or a not too successful accountant. “How many […]

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Denver – Arnold Palmer

It was early on a Sunday, well not that early, it was after breakfast when a family of four from Denver sat down. Colorado people are often very distinct, a real straight forward, ‘dont fuck with me’ tone, they order with confidence. But still, they don’t order well. I always feel that when I try […]

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