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The Regular

Scott’s my “Regular”.   People often ask me about regulars, like Katz’s is Cheers, or Alice. Does anyone remember Alice?   Anyway, yes there are lots of regulars at Katz’s. And the other waiters often take pride in their regulars, bragging to each other “oh, he’s my regular.” Implying big tips.   I don’t have […]

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Man Vs. Food

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The Flash Mob at Katz’s

The Flash Mob:   So it was a few months ago, over the Summer I think. It was a Sunday, and on occasion on Sundays I work forever. From nine in the morning to nine at night. These shifts are utter craziness bordering on psychedelic. Every three hours in I lose a little grasp on […]

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Gimme a side of French or Some Things that I hate about waiting tables at Katz’s.

When customers want more pickles, and they still have some on their plate. When they sit down, they look up and tell me that they’re ready to order. When an old new york guy say’s ‘give me a side of french’. Instead of saying ‘french fries’ or even just fries. Who says French? And they […]

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Half Sour

Disclaimer: Opinions of The Last Jewish Waiter are not necessarily those of Katz’s Deli. “David, this is happening too much.” Alan says dismissively as he walks through the crowded restaurant like an old shark. He hurries to the back counter where he puts together a mixed plate of half sour, sour pickles and a few […]

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