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The Regular

Scott’s my “Regular”.   People often ask me about regulars, like Katz’s is Cheers, or Alice. Does anyone remember Alice?   Anyway, yes there are lots of regulars at Katz’s. And the other waiters often take pride in their regulars, bragging to each other “oh, he’s my regular.” Implying big tips.   I don’t have […]

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The Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army   It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, or aired anything on the old website, www.thelastjewishwaiter.com.  I can give a whole list of excuses, but what’s really the point?  I guess I’ve been lazy. But to be more accurate, I’ve been toiling away at Katz’s slightly unmotivated to come […]

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Who Are These People?

I was standing in the front of the store, it was a Sunday night and I was beat. I am a waiter at Katz’s. Easily the most absurd job I’ve ever had, and I have had some seriously absurd jobs in my life.  At Katz’s, it’s busy! Like super busy, I don’t know how to […]

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